"Ellie Asks" Books 1-5 - Now Available!

In this charming series, you'll meet Ellie, a young girl who lives with her mom and dad, her little sister, and her dog named Rose. Like most five-year-olds, Ellie enjoys roasting s’mores, ice skating, dancing, helping others, and spreading joy. She is also very curious about the world around her and asks her parents lots of questions, including the ones they answer in each book.

These children's books are sure to be read by you and your child again and again. You'll enjoy seeing Ellie and her beloved Rose in the beautiful hand-painted illustrations while learning about the important topics discussed by Ellie and her parents through whimsical rhyme.


Book 1 | Hope

In this book, you'll find Ellie enjoying a beautiful spring evening and learning why she should have hope and help others be hopeful too.


Book 2 | Love

With the summer sun setting, Ellie's thoughts turn to love—what it means to be loved and the importance of loving herself and others.


Book 3 | Respect

While roasting s'mores over a fall campfire, Ellie asks her parents what respect means and how she can respect herself and others.


Book 4 | Joy

After a fun day of ice skating, Ellie discovers the meaning of joy and how being grateful and showing kindness to others  can bring joy to her life.


Book 5 | Grief

In this book, Ellie is sad and a bit confused after experiencing the loss of a loved one for the first time.


"Ellie Asks" Gift Bundles

Surprise a young reader in your life with an "Ellie Asks" gift set!

This set is available in soft matte paperback or durable laminate hardback and includes autographed copies of books 1-4 by author Lisa Norman, plus a beautiful bookmark and a note from Ellie herself.

Paperback bundles - $40  |  Hardback bundles - $60

Proceeds from every sale of this set are donated to organizations committed to helping children. Learn more about these organizations here.

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